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Insight: Garage

A low cost Garage Managment System

Ideal for Independant garages, networks and franchises

Customer & Jobs Database. Find previous customers all in one place and quickly

Stock Inventory Database. Know what's in stock at a glance. Manage your stock holdings and know when you're running low

Staff Database. Keep personal & contact details safe and secure. Also log training dates and reminders

Vehicle Fleet Database. Never miss your MOT, Tax and Insurance for your fleet

Equipment Database. Log your serial numbers, photos, service records and maintenance details all in one place

Printed Invoices & receipts. Apply your own branding and images to the templates provided and produce professional invoices instantly

Quotations. Provide customers with a written quotation. When they return, convert it to a job with a single click

Only enter your data once! No need to enter details again for accounting and reporting. Take all the pain out of VAT returns and end of years accounts

Annual Licence and unlimited support prices from less than £10 per week

Easy Point of Sale Shop Floor Mode

Record all pertinent details of a job - customers, vehicle, parts and services supplied and payments details

Quick view of stock and services. Just drag on to the invoice

Convert a Quotation to a confirmed job at the touch of a button

Print a fully customised invoice / quotation

Log who's worked on the job in case of queries

Track Part-Payments / Deposits


Dashboard showing Jobs in Progress, Part Paid Jobs, Quotations and Low Stocks

Search for previous jobs by customer name, address or Vehicle Registration Number

See all your current quotations to allow easy follow up

View part-paid / deposit job list

See your debtors and creditors at a glance

Produce your daily, weekly and managment reports

Insight:Garage Dashboard

Financial Dashboard

Keeps Tabs on your money with our innovative multi-tabbed Financial Summary Feature

Easily track all income and expenditure down to every penny

Find out what's due to be paid, and what's coming in when

Track down a invoice or payment using the search function

Fully customisable, so you can have the information that's important to you

Insight:Garage Dashboard

Automated Invoice Generation

Create invoices automatically and instantly

Print, save as PDF, Word Document, Excel spreadsheet

Go Green - Email the invoice to the customer

Fully customisable layout and design

Keep track of your clients and suppliers

A fully featured database of clients and suppliers

See all previous jobs for a customer

See at what prices you supplied previous products and services

Track Expenditure

Easily add all your outgoings. We've designed it to reduce the time you spend on non-business critical functions

Insight remembersOnce you've added an entry for a supplier, it recalls what cost centre, vAT rate and department was last used making data entry a breeze

Still using cheques? No problem. If you're paying by cheque, Insight will automatically suggest the cheque number based on the last one used

VAT Returns

VAT returns at the press of a button. No more painful quarter ends looking for reciepts and invoices

Why wait until the end of the quarter to know your VAT liability. View it anytime to avoid a nasty suprise at the end of the quarter

Insight produces a fully auditable VAT return so you can see exactly how it's been calculated

Profit & Loss Account

See your on-going Profit & Loss Account at anytime of the year

Fully configurable to add additional information that's not already in Insight (eg. Depreciation, Bank Interest, Opening and Closing Stock etc..)

Amazing reporting facilities

Includes a variety of custom reports to help manage your business and help produce your end of year accounts

Daily job Sheet showing jobs completed and cash in and out of the business

Weekly Summary Report showing a summary of the number and values of all jobs in the week

Cash summary also available to help reconcile cash movements

Amazing aAnalysis Tools to help you understand your business performance

Slice and dice your data to get the information you need - All with a few clicks of the mouse. Our much praised and invaluable reporting engine will give you a clear view of your business in seconds

Export reports as Excel Spreadsheets, PDF documents or even web pages

Over 40 'Skins' to change the look and feel

Feeling energetic, chilled, jubilant, seasonal - no problem. With over 40 different skins, there's bound to be one that matches your mood.

Mature application with over 10 years of use

Insight's been going since 2003, so you can trust that it's stood the test of time and benefited from years of feedback from the user community

Easy to use. New users up and running in 10 minutes

We think it's one of the easiest Garage Managment packages to use. Typically, new users are active and using the system productively within 10 minutes

It's fully featured, but simple to use. Move to the advanced features in your own time

It's been designed with careful consideration for your busy schedule and easy of use

Automatic updates direct to your PC

We're coming up with improvements all the time as a result of the feedback from the user community. Want a feature that's not there - just contact us and we'll do our best to oblige. These new features have to make it to you quickly and easily and we've got an automated update system that ensures you're always working with the latest version