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If you need to contact us please email by clicking on the links under "How do I raise a support ticket" or raise a ticket online now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install?

Once your server is setup, each user can install quickly and easily by downloading the latest software from our site.

ApplicationInstall Link
Remote Access Tool Remote Access Tool Installation
Insight Insight Installation
Insight Batch Process Insight Batch Process Installation
cManager cManager Installation
cManager Portal Sync Process cManager Claims Portal Sync Installation
cManager Outlook Add-In SaveTocManager Installation
Touchscreen Clocking System Touchscreen Clocking System
ViewTrans Download ViewTrans
Other Please contact us for details

Can I install it on multiple computers?

Our software is licensed on a per user basis, so it can be installed on as many PCs as the user has access to.

How do I update the software?

Our Software will automatically recognise when an update is available and prompt you to download and upgrade. There are no additional "Update managers" to install. The software performs this version check each time you start the software

How do I raise a support ticket ?

Derby Databases operate on a support ticket basis. Please raises a ticket by emailing you query to the appropriate email address

ApplicationSupport Contact
Insight Insight Support
cManager cManager Support
Other General Support

A ticket reference will be emailed by return to allow you to track your query. We aim to respond within 4 hours. You can check the status of you case by clicking on the emailed link, or by using the following page Track Support Query