Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
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Low Cost Database Application Software & Websites for Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

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New Releases

Insight 5.9

Insight 5.79 released. This is a significant release that introduces additional features to help management and reporting of your business finances easier. See What's new in Insight 5.9

SMS From within cManager & Insight

Insight & cManager now support a SMS facilty that allows you to send text messages easily to clients See How to send SMS text messages from cManager

Insight 5.7 released

A host of new features, including the Profit & Loss accounts.Check them out at our support site

What We Offer

We're a software house that's tailored to cater for the needs of small and medium sized businesses. Our aim is to provide enterprise-type IT expertise to SME's without the enterprise price tag.

As our name suggests, we're based in the Midlands but cater for the whole of the UK. As well as having a number of packaged solutions for the effective management of small businesses, we also specialise in providing extremely cost effective custom solutions to suit how you run your business without compromising your existing procedures and working practices.

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Why Do You Need IT?

The modern world is now heavily dependent on IT and Networks. Large businesses have been exploiting this to good effect, but due to the perceived costs and lack of available expertise small businesses have yet to unlock and exploit IT to its full potential

We at Derby Databases are experts in understanding where IT can help (and places where it can't!). We'll work with you to ensure that you harness the full power of the wealth of information available, even in small organisations.

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